Store Application Help (Paid).


When you start the MySitePasswords store app for the first time, you are presented with the Initialisation page.

This screen reminds you to register at before initialising the application.
- You will see this screen until you have successfully linked your device.
- You may link different devices (PC/tablet, Phone, Android device, or Iphone) but only one of each type.
- If wish to use a different device you will need to link the device. (You can do this as many times as necessary but will only recognise the last linked device type).


The linking screen requests the same information as required by the login screen.

Supply the information required and you will receive a message confiming you are linked.
Once linked you will be taken to the Lock screen.

Lock Screen:

The lock screen is shown after a successsful device linking.

For security to prevent any unauthorised user of your device accessing your password app the Lock screen is invoked whenever the app is started.
You can call the Lock screen at anytime while using the app to prevent others using the app.

Paid Options:

The paid options screen gives access to the various facilities available to Paid users.

The Generate screen will allow you to generate 8 - 24 character passwords with at least 1 Upper Case, 1 Lower Case and one numeric character.
- If you uncheck the 'Omit Symbols' checkbox you will also get a minimum of one symbol from the set of  @ + ) ! ( # & * = ? } % { $  symbols. However you can remove the symbols or add additional ones.
- You can type, paste or drag and drop (not with all browsers) a site name into the 'Site Reference' textbox.  NB. the 'Site Reference' is case insensitive.
For advice on cutting and pasting in Windows Phones see -- How To Copy Text --

- The actual used phrase removes the site prefix and suffix information for clarity.
- If 'Used Save' is checked and and the 'Site Reference' has had its method saved, then Generate will always return the password generated by the saved method.
- If a saved reference is generated, the password can be changed.  This is useful if the reference site has been compromised, or you have just used a computer that may not have been secure. It also allows you to change passwords on a regular basis, without the trouble of having to remember the changes.
- The 'Use Default' option when checked causes any unsaved passwords to be generated according to the defaults.
- Unchecking the 'Use Default'  option allows selection of different password lengths, no symbols and symbols of your own choosing.  You can then 'save' the method selected and the next ime (with 'Use Save' checked) the password for this reference is generated it will be the same. The save method does not store a password but merely the method.


The defaults screen allows you to set your preferred generate method.

 Once the defaults have been chosen 'Save' and all unsaved references will have passwords generated accoring to that method.

Safe Store:

If you have Information to be stored such as User IDs then you can use the safe store.
We recommend that you do not use this facility to store passwords and also not to use identifiable references.  We store the references and data in an encrypted form.
Below is the Safe Store sorage option.

Choosing the 'save' radio button allows you to create reference and data pairs for later retrieval.

Below is the Safe Store retrieval Option.

You can scroll through the value pairs.  The latest value is selected first and is the highest number.
We choose this method as we store the reference as a one way encryption to make the data anonymous.

Your Information:

Selecting the user information option shows you all of the unencrypted information we hold about you.

Providing you have your username and licence key you will be able to change your password and screen lock.  If you have forgotten your username then we will be unable to provide it for you or recreate the account and passwords.

Screen Lock:

All screens after entry contain a 'Lock' button.  If you use this then anyone using the device will need to provide a screen lock to gain access.  We recommend you use this when leaving the device unattended or when leaving the app for any length of time.


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