Store Application Help (Free).


When you start the MySitePasswords store app for the first time, you are presented with the Initialisation page.

This screen reminds you to register at before initialising the application.
- You will see this screen until you have successfully linked your device.
- You may link different devices (PC/tablet, Phone, Android device, or Iphone) but only one of each type.
- If wish to use a different device you will need to link the device. (You can do this as many times as necessary).


The linking screen requests the same information as required by the login screen.

Supply the information required and you will receive a message confiming you are linked.
Once linked you will be taken to the Lock screen.

Lock Screen:

The lock screen is shown after a successsful device linking.

For security to prevent any unauthorised user of your device accessing your password app the Lock screen is invoked whenever the app is started.
You can call the Lock screen at anytime while using the app to prevent others using the app.

Free Generate:

The Free Generate screen is the only screen available to Free users of

The Free Generate screen will allow you to generate 8 character passwords with at least 1 Upper Case, 1 Lower Case and one numeric character.
- If you uncheck the 'Omit Symbols' checkbox you will also get a minimum of one symbol from the set of  @ + ) ! ( # & * = ? } % { $  symbols.
- You can type, paste or drag and drop (not with all browsers) a site name into the 'Site Reference' textbox.  NB. the 'Site Reference' is case insensitive.
- The actual used phrase removes the site prefix and suffix information for clarity.
For advice on cutting and pasting in Windows Phones see -- How To Copy Text --


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