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Windows Apps:

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Group passwords:

Have a company account that needs to be accessed by more than one person (Delivery company, stationery suppliers, accounts).
Manage and secure the password by users loging into their own My Site Password account and using the login URL to generate a common password. No more insecure emails telling of password changes, add or delete nominated persons, change the password and authorised users gets new version automatically.

Mobile Apps:

Phone app that lets you use the phone credentials to access your passwords without logging in. Then automatically generates the required passwords.
These will still be the same passwords as the website.

Windows Phone and Android versions now available:

View: Information on Apps. IOS to follow

Data Store:

Now available

Cookieless sessions:

Cookieless sessions. We wish to make our site even safer by using cookieless sessions, so that absolutely no information about you is stored.
Even on your own computer or browser.

If you have suggestions for enhancements or improvements, please contact us with your ideas.


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