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App Privacy Statement. 

The following privacy statement refers to any Android, Windows Store App, Windows Phone App, Winform or WPF implementations.  In addition it will apply to IOS apps.


- Where we use cookies they are used solely for the purpose of maintaining session information. These cookies are non persistent and should be automatically deleted at the end of each session.

- We do not record any identifying information about you (providing you follow our registration recommendations). All information including your username, passwords, screen lock and security question information is encoded.

- We do not store your IP address, browser or any application data. (Except temporarily to prevent malicious access)

- We do record if you are using an App in conjunction with this website (to maintain security) and store an identifying token, but we do not store any information about the device, its phone number, or any other identifying attributes except the token we have downloaded to the device.


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