MySitePasswords is designed to take the stress and vulnerabilty out of choosing secure site passwords.
We take the view that no site is unhackable and have designed our password generator accordingly.
You Login anonomously and so even if someone guesses/hacks our username and password they still do not know who you are.
It is the same as finding a safety deposit box key. It is of no use unless you know where the deposit box is in the world, or even if there is anything in it.

- Each password conforms to the rules of strong passwords and is unique to you and the site you are logging into.

- Passwords are not stored and are regenrated each time you use this site.

- Because the passwords are unique to the site and you, even if a site you use is compromised by hackers,they will be unable to use your password on the other sites you use.

- No need to remember a password again, except the one for MySitePasswords.

- When you use login credentials from the big firms, they may track your behaviour and the sites you visit. 
We don't.

- If you wish to make it even easier to use My Site Passwords, then try our device apps, to access your passwords on any device.

If you are worried about registering on our site, why don't you try our sister site Its free and no registration is required. (You can migrate to My Site Passwords later.


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